Pilestredet Park 21

Pilestredet Park is located in the heart of Oslo, in a quiet, green and cosy neighbourhood. The park was built through a combination of new construction and renovation of the historic Rikshospitalet hospital. Up to 96% of the demolition materials from the old hospital have been reused and many parts have been preserved, giving the entire park a strong historical flavour. For most people in Oslo, the area was familiar. However, few people knew it as Meyerløkka. Pilestredet Park was therefore created in the 2000s, and became one of the first new neighbourhoods in the inner city since the Second World War. In the park, the Surgeon's Residence, the old administration building and the famous Women's Clinic are protected. The old smithy wall has also been preserved and forms a natural separation of the park from the surrounding area. This, together with the design of green vegetation, makes the outdoor areas attractive and peaceful places to spend time. In 2005, the park was also honoured with the City of Oslo's award for good urban architecture. The stress-free and pleasant residential area appears as a green lung in the centre of Oslo, with several opportunities for nature, culture, sports, restaurants, cafés, education and public transport.

Pilestredet Park 21 consists of the old administration building and is located next to the recycled park, which largely consists of recycled materials from the old Rikshospitalet. The sculpture Skilpadden, by Arne Mæland, is also located here. As this building is a historically listed building, the apartments have retained the dizzying ceiling height of 3.8 metres, which makes the staircases feel majestic. This has also created creative opportunities in the apartments, such as the development of lofts. The building is ideally located within walking distance of Karl Johans gate, the National Theatre, St. Hanshaugen and Bislett. In 2011, the building was completely renovated inside, while the exterior facades stand out in their classic architecture with charming pastel colours, creating an exciting diversity.