About us

Who are we?

We are Nordic Group Holding AS, a property group involved in renting, contracting, and property development. We handle everything from purchasing land to selling or renting out residential and commercial properties. Our business area is Bergen & surrounding area and Eastern Norway.

The Group started in 1993 with one apartment block in Bergen and has grown to become one of Norway's largest property groups. Today, we have more than 3,000 homes under development in more than 30 subsidiaries. 

Our long experience in the property industry means that we have extensive experience in all aspects of property development. We have cutting-edge expertise in the complete renovation and conversion of existing properties, and we also have extensive knowledge of current norms and regulations in the construction and property industry.

Our vision

Our three-part vision is at the centre of our work with property projects: 

High well-being

By focusing on a high level of well-being, we achieve good projects that lead to increased quality of life for residents and users of the urban space.

High architectural quality

We work with world-leading architects in our projects to ensure good architectural expressions and solutions in homes and urban spaces.

High environmental profile

The future depends on us operating sustainably, which is why we have a strong focus on the environment through the reuse of suitable building materials and participation in international research projects on energy and environmental solutions. 

Our work for the futures

Today's building stock accounts for a large proportion of our total energy and material consumption. We are actively working on this in several areas to contribute to a better construction industry, a construction industry for the future.

Reuse of building materials

Rather than discarding perfectly usable and good building materials and artefacts, we practice reuse in all stages of our projects. Examples of this include reusing furniture, reusing and donating suitable building materials or utilising older building materials for new, suitable purposes. 

Complete renovation and conversion

We have cutting-edge expertise in the complete renovation and conversion of older buildings. By reusing existing buildings, we reduce waste and the use of new materials. 

Research and higher education

We actively participate in research to reduce energy and material use in our projects, through collaboration with national and international higher education institutions.. This applies both during construction and during the life cycle of the buildings.