The 1814-city

The 1814-city is one of the Group's urban development projects consisting of approximately 1,500 apartments in addition to commercial and infrastructure. The property is the closest neighbour to Eidsvoll Verk train station in Romerike, 5 minutes by train directly from Oslo Airport and 30 minutes by train from Oslo Central Station. The property's unique location creates a corridor from Øvre Romerike to the rest of Greater Oslo, with excellent transport connections. The planning for the first part of the project, comprising around 300 apartments, is currently being finalised. The masterplan has been prepared by NIELSTORP+ architects.

The Group is looking for and open to proposals for the use and testing of new energy solutions in the project as part of a research project. The scope can vary from a single building to a neighbourhood. If interested, an enquiry can be sent to: