Cicignon Park

Sales information, Block A

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Gunnar Olai Stavlund
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Morten Stene
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In 2014, the Group acquired the buildings of the old Fredrikstad Hospital with the aim of transforming the buildings from a hospital into a new city district by completely renovating the existing buildings, opening up the former quarter structure and creating good urban spaces for the community. The project is being realised with a focus on our vision of a high level of well-being, architectural quality and environmental profile. The masterplan for the Cicignon Park urban development project was prepared by NIELSTORP+ architects through an architectural competition involving HRTB and Snøhetta, among others. Cicignon Park consists of approximately 1,000 apartments.

The main buildings on the property are two well-known nine-storey tower blocks completed in 1955 and 1974. Both buildings are being completely renovated and converted to residential use, with completion of the first building and sale of apartments in 2022. By reusing the supporting structure of both buildings, waste is significantly reduced. Some of the remaining building stock will be retained, while other parts will be demolished and suitable building materials will be reused.

In Cicignon Park, the Group financed the implementation of vacuum toilets to reduce the water consumption, while allotment gardens were built on the balconies so that residents can engage in urban agriculture. Suitable building materials have been reused wherever possible, while furniture and other equipment from hospital operations have been reused, sold or given away. This has been common practice in our projects for a long time, which has resulted in significantly lower waste volumes than business-as-usual.